Vivian Adelberg Rudow

Composer/Performance Artist/Concert Producer


SOUND PORTRAITS (2013) Orchestra, Chamber and Electro-Acoustic Music by Vivian Adelberg Rudow. Features: The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Jeffrey Silberschlag, conductor | The Orchestra of St. Johns, Ronald Mutchnik, conductor | Juan Blanco, spoken thoughts | Deanna Bogart, keyboard | Grace Cavalieri, poetry | Jeffrey Chappell, piano | Eric Conway, piano | Joseph Eubanks, narrator | Edward Hoffman, trumpet | Jonathan Jensen, keyboard | Stephen Kates, violoncello | Sara Nichols, flute | Vivian Adelberg Rudow, electro-acoustic music | Eun Jung Shon, piano | Sherif Shaalan, Latin keyboard rhythms

LOVE, LOSS, and LAW, Music Documentaries, in memory of Myrtle Hollins Adelberg and Harry Adelberg, With Love, Portrait of a Friend and Portraits of Lawyers, originally The Velvet Hammers. Hollins and Park Music Company.

Urbo Turbo, Urban Turbulence, full orchestra, alternate title for Spirit of America, optional cheering by musicians, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Jeffrey Silberschlag, conductor, London, November 8, 2005

● Nacusa: Greetings From, (National Association Composers USA) The Bare Smooth Stone Of Your Love, in memory of Daniel Malkin, Stephen Kates, cello, Silver Medalist,Third Tchaikovsky Competition, Moscow, Russia; Eun-Jung Shon, piano,first place New Orleans International Piano Competition.

● Le Chant Du Monde/Serie, Gmeb/Unesco/Cime, “ Cultures Electroniques 3,” Bourges Laureats, Harmonia Mundi, France, WITH LOVE, Paula Skolnick-Virizlay, violoncello and prepared tape. (With the 16th year winners).

● With Love, Paula Skolnick-Virizlay-Childress, violoncello and prepared tape, Hollins and Park Music Company.

● Sunbursts, solo piano works by 7 American women, Nanette Kaplan Solomon, pianist, performing Rudow's REBECCA'S SUITE (Rebecca's Rainbow Racing Among the Stars & Rebecca's Song), on the LEONARDA label, LE 345.

● Electro-Acoustic Cello Book, Craig Hultgren, cellist, performing With Love on Living Artist Recordings, volume 4, Music From The Setting Century Series.

Electroschock Recordings Volume VIII from Moscow Russia,  Racing Inside The Milkway, Artemiy  Artemiev producer

Electroshock Presents, Electroacoustic Music Volume IX,  Artemiy Artemiev, producer, Moscow, Russia; Cuban Lawyer, Juan Blanco, Theme/Piece, excerpt from Portraits of Lawyers

● Sunny Songs For A Rainy Day, for young children, soprano, tenor, flute, cello, piano, drums, and chorus. Cevia Snyder Rozel words. Hollins and Park Music Company.

● Portraits Of Lawyers, originally The Velvet Hammers 37:48. Hollins and Park Music Company. Recorded electronic and acoustic music plus recorded speech by lawyers and their friends edited and mixed into a sound collage as an art music documentary honoring lawyers. A radio work. Easily understood. Hollins and Park Music Company.

● I Didn’t Want To Say Goodbye, music composed in memory of those who have gone before us. Hollins and Park Music Company. Numerous works have been recorded separately and can be compiled on a CD-R.

Numerous works have been recorded
and can be compiled for others on a CD-R.

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