Vivian Adelberg Rudow

Composer, Performance Artist, Concert Producer

Significant Press & Press Quotes


Journal of the IAWM: Album Review of Sound Portraits

"Rudow’s music is energetic, engaging, and full of spirit, and it is easy to see why she enjoys such success and elicits such terrific performances. The technical aspects of the disc are superior, offering crisp and clear sound. I hope that as the CD becomes part of personal, university, and public library collections ..." Read More

— Journal of the IAWM

Still Creating Music: Vivian Adelberg Rudow

— The Peabody Post (Fall 2013)

"Vivian Adelberg Rudow's Sound Portraits CD is a fascinating and most enjoyable listening experience. I hear hundreds of new CDs each year, and I've never heard anything quite like these pieces. Their collage-like nature creates an experience very reflective of contemporary life."

— Carson Cooman, Composer in Residence, Harvard University, May, 2013.

”I highlighted ‘Sound Portraits' by Vivian Adelberg Rudow... on my Independence Day show today. Great stuff, thanks a lot."

— James H. Lyons, Ed.D., Director, Classical Music Programming WFWM-FM, 91.9.

“Your music is indeed gorgeous, highly creative, and very personal. And the performances by Stephen Kates are superb.”

— Cuarteto Latinoamericano, NACUSA, “Greetings From” CD :Alvaro Bitrán, cellist, September 2004, about Vivian Adelberg Rudow’s cello music:

“Pretty wild stuff.”

— Aural Innovations USA, June 2004, journalist Jerry Kranitz (on Cuban Lawyer: Juan Blanco)

"Outstanding, marvelous!”

— WMUA 91.1 FM USA, program “Martian Gardens”, DJ Max Shea, June 2004 (on Cuban Lawyer: Juan Blanco)

"Electronic with dialogue...Rudow’s electroacoustic accompaniment makes it a vivid and repeat-worthy listening experience.”

— All-Music Guide, Canada, Francois Couture, February 26, 2004, on CD from Russia, Electroshock Presents: “Electroacoustic Music. Vol. IX”

"Vicky's career represents the best elements of the composer taking part in the music community of her time, reaching out in all media. She has created a catalog of work we applaud."

— The Baltimore Sun, Sunday, August 14, 1994, Frances Richard, Director of ASCAP Symphony & Concert Department

"... the evening climaxed with a recreation of Vivian Adelberg Rudow's arresting three-way dialogue for live cello and decorated cello cases, "With Love"...the result on this occasion was at once poignant, whimsical, deeply musical (the spoken words were electronically arranged so as to be fit in with surrounding musical rhythms, yet seemed perfectly natural) and outrageously entertaining."

— The Birmingham News, Birmingham, Alabama, Nancy Raabe, October 8, 1996, Birmingham Art Music Alliance Concert, Craig Hultgren, cello

"Looking for a Mother's day gift? This year skip the Hallmark card. Instead, call your mom, stick the phone next to your stereo speaker, and play Vivian Rudow's With Love. It'll make your mother happy, and maybe affect you even more deeply."

— Keyboard Magazine, Robert L. Doerschuk, May 1989, Paula Skolnick-Virizlay, cello

"...The climatic work of the evening was "With Love" by Baltimore composer (and mother) Vivian Adelberg Rudow-a witty, hectic and quite surreal look at modern motherhood...quite enjoyable music..."

— The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., Joseph McLellan, November 20, 1986, Lori Barnet, cello, cello,

"...the power of the original music/sound score by Vivian Adelberg Rudow, makes the piece work."

— Business Record, The Dance Scene, November 26, 1993, "Weeping Rocker"

"....But it was an instrument piece 'Americana Revisited (Crossover Variations),' that provided the most entertainment."

— St. Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch, St. Paul Minnesota, Roy M. Close, November 14, 1986, Americana Visited Variations: viola & piano, Andrea Een, & Jerry Rubino Minnesota Composers Forum Concert

"....Another highlight was Vivian Adelberg Rudow's "Journey of Waters" with text by Grace Cavalieri. The music was luscious, richly orchestrated and thoroughly delightful."

— The Evening Sun, Baltimore, Maryland, Alfred Haynes, December 4, 1984,

" accomplished, exciting and, at times, moving piece .... an underlying pulse of its composer being in tune with nature, the cosmos, and herself..."

— City Paper, Baltimore, Maryland, Wayne F. Henkel, December 10-16 1982, "Force III": The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Sergiu Comissiona conducting.

"... full of interesting thematic material... The force of nature is evocatively and descriptively expressed. But the wispy melodies, supported by blocks of texture rather than harmony, are tantalizingly evanescent."

— News American, Baltimore, Maryland, R.P.Harris, December 3, 1982, "Force III"

The New York Times, review, Bernard Holland, KADDISH, Deborah Greitzer, bassoon, Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, Sunday, March 4, 1990.

Computer Music Journal, published MIT Press, Thomas Rhea, WITH LOVE, Elizabeth Simkins, cello, Electronic Music Plus 17 International Festival, Oberlin, Ohio, USA, April, 1990.

The Journal, Annandale, Virginia, Christiana Rodgers, NO REST FOR DEVY'S SPIRIT, DEVY'S SONG, Sherrie Norwitz, viola, Friday, April 6, 1990.