Vivian Adelberg Rudow's
was performed by the
Orchestra Sinfonica Compagnia D'Opera Italiana,
Jeffrey Silberschlag, conductor,
on December 18, 2005, in Alba, Italy

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©Music: 1984 Vivian Adelberg Rudow

Vivian stayed in Cuneo, Italy,
with her husband, David,
an hour away from Alba
because Silberschlag & Nova,
co chairs of the event
stayed there.




Rehearsal at Turino. Dec. 16
Jeff asked Vivian to move up front to communicate easier.



Rehearsal at Turino. Dec. 16.
Adelberg Rudow walking to back of hall after rehearsal.



Rehearsal at Turino. Dec. 16
Two key musicans for festival: Giuseppe Nova, prominent flutest & co-chair of concert with Silberschlag and Dino Bosco, prominent guitarist.



In Cuneo sitting in room
recreating the opening for Jeff.



Rehearsal in Alba, Dec 18.
Vivian Adelberg Rudow is going over questions by the pianist, Simone Sarno. Dino Bosco assists with translation between Italian & English.



Rehearsal in Alba, Dec 18.
Listening the rehearsal.



Rehearsal in Alba, Dec 18.
Silberschlag rehearsing.



Rehearsal in Alba, Dec 18.
Silberschlag asking Adelberg Rudow, "How does it sound?



At the concert.
Orchestra standing up
for Vivian's music


After concert, Silberschlag and Nova talked to audience


Reception after the concert
Conductor Jeffrey Silberschlag and composer Vivian Adelberg Rudow


Vickie after the concert