Vivian Adelberg Rudow

Composer, Performance Artist, Concert Producer



  • I Will Bless Thee, Genesis 22: 15-18, Abraham, Lesson two in The Nine Lessons and Carols by Maryland State Boychoir, Stephen Holmes, Director, The Maryland State Boychoir Center For The Arts, (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) December 15, 21, 22, 2013 Baltimore, MD.
  • A Universal Prayer For Peace And Reflection, in memory of all children who died too young, for boychoir and piano, (soprano, soprano, alto, tenor, soprano solo) premiere June 9, 2013, commissioned by the American BoyChoir, Fernando Malvar-Ruiz, conductor, at the Princeton Chapel, NJ
  • And The Winner Is, A Lacrosse Game Between Two Marimbas,2012, for Michael, David and Max by Dane Krich, percussionist.
  • EARTH DAY SUITE 1. Dark Waters of The Chesapeake 2. Go Green! Ronald Mutchnik, Orchestra of St. John, April 18, 2010
  • Squiggle, cello, & small percussion, The Head Remembers Victims, of WWII, saxophone and prepared tape, Hope/Beauty, saxophone and piano, Music for the Franz West Exhibition, Baltimore Museum of Art, December 5, 2008
  • Dark Waters of Elba, orchestra: by the Alba Music Festival for the Napoleon festival, December 18, 2005, Italian National Opera Symphony Orchestra , Jeffrey Silberschlag, conductor.
  • The Bare Smooth Stone Of Your Love, in memory of Daniel Malkin by Sundays At Three, cello and piano, to poem Cello Recital by Carol Malkin, April 19, 1998, Troy Stuart, cello, Adam Mahonske, piano, Ronald Mutchnik, narrator, Christ Episcopal Church, Columbia, MD.
  • Lament, in memory of Daniel Malkin, by Musin In Common, to poem Passover Questions by Carole Malkin, August 1997, Troy Stuart cello, William Zvarick, piano, Ronald Mutchnik, violin, Christ Episcopal Church, Columbia, MD.
  • Weeping Rocker, Nancy Wanich Romita, dance, Towson State University, June, 1992.
  • Migrations, Grace Cavalieri, poet, music for poetry, September, 1992, Washington, DC.
  • Rebecca's Song, Charles County Arts Alliance, November 4, 1989, Eric Conway, piano.
  • String of Pearls, Baltimore Museum of Art, November 29, 1987; Grace Cavalieri, poetry; 8 songs, Beth Rothenberg, mezzo soprano.
  • The Healing Place, Baltimore Museum of Art, March 14, 1987; Vivian Rudow conducting; flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, keyboards, tape, narrator, Joseph Eubanks; poem, Grace Cavalieri.
  • Portrait of A Friend, Baltimore Museum of Art, October 26, 1986, Pamela Jordan, mezzo soprano and prepared tape.
  • With Love, a fantasy for cello and cello cases, in memory of Myrtle Hollins Adelberg, Baltimore Museum of Art, 1986; Paula Virizlay, cello; Amalie Rothschild, cello cases.
  • No Rest For Devy's Spirit, Baltimore Museum of Art, 1985; Richard Field, viola.
  • Americana Visited, Baltimore Museum of Art, 1985, Richard Field, viola; Jeffrey Chappell, piano.
  • Devy's Song, Baltimore Museum of Art, 1985; Richard Field, viola; Jeffrey Chappell, piano.
  • Journey of Waters, Baltimore Museum of Art, 1984, 14 instruments and soprano; Vivian Rudow conducting; Pamela Jordan, soprano.
  • I Hope You Are Pleased, The Walters Art Gallery, Steve Barta, clarinet, Stephanie Powell, dancer, 1982.
  • Dance Variations, Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore Trombone Choir, David Fetter, Conductor, Chris Williams, percussion, David Holmes, electric bass guitar, 1982.
  • Ars Nova, Baltimore Museum of Art, Philip Kolker and James O. Bolyard bassoons, 1981.
  • College of Notre Dame of Maryland and Theatre Project, accompanying music to play Best of Friends by Grace Cavalieri, Alice Houstle, Director, 1974.
  • Towson State College, accompanying music to works by Bertolt Brecht, Cevia Snyder oral interpretations, 1974.
  • College of Notre Dame of Maryland, accompanying music to play Trojan Women, Alice Houstle, Director, 1973.
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Modern Dance, Elizabeth Walton Le Blanc, choreographer, Changing Space, 1972.
  • Goucher College Dance Department, Chrystelle T. Bond, choreographer, Syntheticon, 1974.