Vivian Adelberg Rudow

Composer, Performance Artist, Concert Producer


Awards & Honors

  • Radio ArtsIndonesia Artist of the Week for Jan. 6-12, 2017.
  • Alice In Wonderland, chapter four was selected to be performed for the solo division of the Hong Kong Students Piano Olympics Competition of 2016. (Winner Matthew Chan performed the music on October 2, 2016).
  • Go Green Too! for orchestra, was selected and performed by the Hong Kong Community Philharmonic Orchestra, Lee Yik Chung director conductor, soloist Jenna Ma, flute, in Hong Kong Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre Cultural Activities Hall, October 1, 2016,
  • Alumni Council Board of Johns Hopkins University, for Peabody Institute 2008,09,10
  • Voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammy’s) since 2012
  • ASCAP Plus Standard Award for 29 years.
  • Recent Commission: Orchestra of St. John’s.“Earth Day Suite” “1. Dark Waters of the Chesapeake” 2. “Go Green!” Flute concerto, Variation 1 The Ocean Sings.
  • “Urbo Turbo” (Urban Turbulence), full orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra Recording, Jeffrey Silberschlag, Conductor; November 8, 2005.
  • Orchestra Sinfonia Compagnia D’Opera Italiana, Jeffrey Silberschlag, conductor, “Dark Waters Of Elba;” Alba, Italy, December 18, 2005.
  • In Honor of the 150th anniversary of Peabody Conservatory, “The Sky Speaks, Clouds,” Peabody Singers Chorus, Edward Polochick, conductor, Lindsay Thompson, soprano, Lauren Latessa, cello, Adam Rosenblatt & Candy Chiu, percussion and Stefan Petrov, piano, Peabody Conservatory of Music, Thursday, March 29, 2007
  • First Maryland Composer to have an orchestra performance in Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall: Baltimore Symphony Orchestra - “Force III,” December 2, 3, 1982, Sergiu Comissiona, Conductor, Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, Celebrity Series..
  • Featured in Keyboard Magazine, May, 1989 issue.
  • First Prize 14th International Electroacoustic Music Competition Bourges 1986, Program division: "With Love," a fantasy for live cello and decorated cello cases (prepared tape, now CD) in memory of Myrtle Hollins Adelberg. First American Woman to win a first prize in the competition. First woman to win Program.
  • The Cuban F.N.M.E. awarded a special prize of performance of "With Love" in the International Festival of Electroacoustic Music "Primavera en Varadero," May and June, 1987, Cuba.
  • AMC Margaret Jory copying grant, “Urbo Turbo (Urban Turbulence),” alternate title, “Spirit of America”
  • Maryland State Arts Council Fellowship, 1986.
  • City Arts Individual Artist Grant, 1986, 1992.
  • Meet the Composer Grant, 1986.
  • City Arts InInternational Double Reed Society Composition Contest, First Prize, solo, duet division, "Kaddish," in memory of Isaac Hollins, solo bassoon, 1977.dividual Artist Grant, 1986, 1992.
  • Annapolis Fine Arts Festival Music Composition Contest, "Anomalies," flute, muted trumpet, soprano, 1977, placement winner.
  • Annapolis Fine Arts Festival Music Composition Contest, "Kaddish," solo bassoon, 1975, winner.
  • Annapolis Fine Arts Festival Music Composition Contest, Electronic Division, 1972 "The Lion and The Hares," winner.
  • Baltimore Magazine: One of 82 people to watch in '82.
  • Alumni Council of Johns Hopkins University, 2008,09,10

Performance Artist
Performing the 'Vivian' technique

  • Sample conducting 4 CD players with multi track channels of music, activating small hand remote controllers:
  • 13th International Electroacoustic Music Festival Springtime Havana, Cuba “Juan’s Garden of Music,” in memory of Juan Blanco, March 15, 2010
  • Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, live on stage “Variations Of Variations, XI,”Cuban Lawyer, Juan Blanco,”
  • Vivian Adelberg Rudow performing in Sonic Circuits Concert, August 13, 2001. Premiere Havana, Cuba, 2000.

Performances Around the World

  • Hong Kong, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Cuba, France, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Puerto Rico, Spain, South Africa, Taiwan, The Netherlands, and the United States of America.

  • SOUND PORTRAITS (2013) Orchestra, Chamber and Electro-Acoustic Music by Vivian Adelberg Rudow. Features: The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Jeffrey Silberschlag, conductor | The Orchestra of St. Johns, Ronald Mutchnik, conductor | Juan Blanco, spoken thoughts | Deanna Bogart, keyboard | Grace Cavalieri, poetry | Jeffrey Chappell, piano | Eric Conway, piano | Joseph Eubanks, narrator | Edward Hoffman, trumpet | Jonathan Jensen, keyboard | Stephen Kates, violoncello | Sara Nichols, flute | Vivian Adelberg Rudow, electro-acoustic music | Eun Jung Shon, piano | Sherif Shaalan, Latin keyboard rhythms
  • LOVE, LOSS and LAW, Music Documentaries, in memory of Myrtle Hollins Adelberg and Harry Adelberg: “With Love,” “Portrait of A Friend,” “Portraits of Lawyers,” formerly “The Velvet Hammers” (includes Cuban Lawyer, Juan Blanco.) Hollins and Park Music Company, November, 2009
  • Nacusa: Greetings From, (National Association Composers USA). “The Bare Smooth Stone Of Your Love,” in memory of Daniel Malkin, Stephen Kates, cello, Silver Medalist,Third Tchaikovsky Competition, Moscow, Russia; Eun-Jung Shon, piano,first place New Orleans International Piano Competition.
  • Le Chant Du Monde/Serie, Gmeb/Unesci/Cime, "Cultures Electroniques 3," Bourges Laureates, Harmonia Mundi, France, With Love, Paula Skolnick-Virizlay, violoncello and prepared tape. (With the 16th year winners).
  • With Love, Paula Skolnick-Virizlay-Childress, violoncello and prepared tape, Hollins and Park Music Company..
  • Sunbursts, solo piano works by 7 American women, Nanette Kaplan Solomon, pianist, performing Rudow's Rebecca’s Suite (Rebecca's Rainbow Racing Among The Stars and Rebecca's Song), on the Leonarda label, LE 345.
  • Electro-Acoustic Cello Book, Craig Hultgren, cellist, performing With Love on Living Artist Recordings, volume 4, music from The Setting Century Series.
  • Electroshock Presents, Electroacoustic Music Volume VIII, Artemiy Artemiev, producer, Moscow, Russia; Racing Inside The Milky Way.
  • Electroshock Presents, Electroacoustic Music Volume IX, ArtemiyArtemiev, producer, Moscow, Russia; Cuban Lawyer, Juan Blanco Theme/Piece, excerpt from Portraits Of Lawyers.
  • Sunny Songs for A rainy Day, for young children, soprano, tenor, flute, cello, piano, drums, and chorus. Cevia Snyder Rozel words. Hollins and Park Music Company.
  • Portraits Of Lawyers, originally The Velvet Hammers 37:48. Hollins and Park Music Company. Recorded electronic and acoustic music plus recorded speech by lawyers and their friends edited and mixed into a sound collage as an art music documentary honoring lawyers. A radio work, easily understood. Hollins and Park Music Company.
  • I Didn’t Want to Say Goodbye, music composed in memory of those who have gone before us. Hollins and Park Music Company.
  • Numerous works have been recorded separately and can be compiled on a CD-R.

Arts Management
  • Baltimore Composers Forum, Vice President 2010
  • Peggy and Yale Gordon, Har Sinai Trust Concerts
    Chairperson/producer classical music concerts 1992-2006, Co-chair 2007- 2015, Chairperson 2016-17
  • Chairperson/producer classical music concerts. Curator for music for Franz West Exhibition, Baltimore Museum of Art, December 5, 2008, SOUND OFF! Concert by Baltimore Composers Forum.
  • Res Musica Baltimore/Res MusicAmerica
    Produced Res MusicAmerica's full orchestra Reading with enlarged Goucher Chamber Symphony, Sebrina Alfonso, conductor, Kraushaar Auditorium, Goucher College: read scores of three American Composers, May 10, 1994
  • Founder and Artistic Director, Res Musica Baltimore, Inc. 1980-1991
    (later known as Res Music America, Inc.), an organization that for eleven years promoted music by American living composers, produced 52 extremely successful, well reviewed, enthusiastically attended concerts, including 283 recent works, 249 recent American works, 82 world premieres and 52 Baltimore premieres, plus 26 symposia, were presented while the organization was mainly in residence at the Baltimore Museum of Art. 1980-1991.
  • Produced 22 Res Musica Baltimore youth concerts for the Baltimore City Public Schools.
  • Founder and Artistic Director Res Musica International Electroacoustic Music Festival, Baltimore, Maryland, 1988. Produced: 36 works in 7 concerts of electroacoustic music with live performers; continual electroacoustic music, no live performers; continual video presentations; and 14 lecture demonstrations. Composers from 14 countries attended. Performances at Inner Harbor, and The Walters Art Museum (gallery)

Books/Journals Mentioned
  • Amalie Rothschild: Edited by Amalie R. Rothschild and Angelo Pontecorboli, 2012, Firenze - Italy
  • American Piano Trios, A Resource Guide, Arno P. Drucker.
  • Audible Traces, Gender, Identity, and Music, Barkin and Hamessley
  • IAWM Journal, Volume 10. No. 2, Grace Cavalieri writer, “The Composer As A Muse, Writing Words For Music” by Vivian Adelberg Rudow.” 2004
  • IAWM Journal, Volume II. no. 2, 2005 Dawn’s Journey, in memory of Dawn Culbertson, sound plus sight as a DVD, Concert review: Ruth Rose.
  • Orchestra Music: A Handbook, David Daniels
  • Women and Music In America Since 1900: An Encyclopedia, Kristine Burns
  • Women Composers And Music Technology in the United States. Crossing the Line; Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner.

  • Jeu de temps March 2001/2/3 Times Play, YSEA competition for Canadian Electroacoustic Community, Concordia University; 2003 SANS competition UK
  • NAACP ACTSO, competition for 1986, 1989, 1991, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2009
  • McKnight Followships, Minnesota, 1987.
  • College Instrumental Music Scholarships for the State of Maryland, 1983.

  • "Mexican Serenades" Otto Luening, Baltimore Museum of Art, 1983.
  • "An Aubade" Elam Sprenkle, Artscape Concert, 1984.
  • "Journey of Waters" Rudow, Baltimore Museum of Art 1984.
  • "The Healing Place" Rudow, 1987, Baltimore Museum of Art.; The Walters Art Gallery, 1988; Charles County Arts Alliance, Christ Church, La Plata, Maryland; and "A Maze," Thomas Albert, November 4, 1989.
  • “The Healing Place" revised version February 24, 1991, The Motor Coach, Ltd., Randallstown, Maryland; and The Weinberg Center, Frederick, Maryland, March 1, 1991.

  • Towson University, March 26, 2014 Lisa Woznicki class

Music Education
  • Master of Music, composition, Bachelor of Music, piano - Peabody Conservatory of Music, Johns Hopkins University.

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